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Fiorina Campaign Uses Feinstein's Words to Diss Boxer

Sen. Dianne Feinstein accuses Fiorina campaign of being sexist



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    The Fiorina campaign tried to divide California's senators in an attempt to conquer Barbara Boxer.

    When Sen. Dianne Feinstein criticized President Barack Obama for using the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico to push for energy policy reform but focus on stopping the gusher, she probably didn't figure it would become campaign fodder for fellow Sen. Barbara Boxer's Republican rival.

    In a prepared statement, the Fiorina campaign remarked of Feinstein's position "at least one senator from California has their priorities in the right place" as a swipe at Boxer.

    Feinstein responded by telling the San Francisco Chronicle, "It's an old trick of using somebody as a foil."

    She added that "one of the problems is when you have two women coming in together, people go out of their way to try to do just this, to separate the two."

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    Which the Fiorina campaign suggest was an accusation of sexism levied against another woman.

    Of course, Boxer used the opportunity to take some jabs at Fiorina by associating the former Hewlett-Packard CEO with BP CEO Tony Hayward, saying Fiorina's experience "in her land of the CEO" was a blend of narcissism and incompetence.

    Jackson West showed restraint in not using the word "catty," because that would be sexist.