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Former Supe Wants to be Sheriff



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    Proud papa Ross Mirkarimi can't possibly be hurt in running for citywide office now that the mother of his child is blogging in spanish.

    San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi today filed papers to run  for sheriff.  

    Mirkarimi filed his declaration of intent to run with the  elections department this morning, just days after Sheriff Michael Hennessey  announced he would not be seeking re-election this November.
    "It would be a high honor to follow the footsteps of Sheriff Mike  Hennessey, who is arguably one of the most successful sheriffs in recent  history, not just in San Francisco but nationally," Mirkarimi said.
    Hennessey, who has been sheriff for the past 31 years, made the  announcement Friday in a memo sent out to the entire department, sheriff's  spokeswoman Eileen Hirst said.
    Mirkarimi said that if elected, he will build on Hennessey's  legacy, particularly when it comes to programs to reduce San Francisco's  recidivism rate, which is among the highest in the state.
    A report released by the California Department of Corrections and  Rehabilitation in November 2010 found that 78.3 percent of San Francisco's  inmates were arrested or convicted again after release from prison, the  third-highest rate in the state.
    Mirkarimi said the high recidivism rate "is not just on the  shoulders of the sheriff, but the collective shoulders of all criminal  investigation departments."
    Prior to Mirkarimi's election as supervisor in 2004, he worked for  nearly nine years in the San Francisco District Attorney's Office as an  investigator specializing in economic and environmental crimes.
    He is the chairman of the board's public safety committee and is  also a graduate of the San Francisco Police Academy, where he was class  president.
    Mirkarimi said that given his background, he would be "a very  solid fit" for the sheriff's job.
    If Mirkarimi is elected in November, the mayor would appoint his  replacement as supervisor for the rest of his term, which ends in January  2013.