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Gavin Newsom Leaves San Francisco Hanging

San Francisco's mayor leaves town, Supervisor Carmen Chu in charge



    Gavin Newsom Leaves San Francisco Hanging
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    Gavin Newsom's Twitter feed has gone quiet since quitting the race and blowing off public appearances by flying to Hawaii.

    Well, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom got part of his promises after leaving the governor's race right -- he's spending more time with his family.

    In Hawaii.

    Focusing on San Francisco, as he also promised? Not so much.Newsom left Supervisor Carmen Chu as acting mayor in his absence.

    A no-show at former Mayor Willie Brown's popular election day breakfast, Newsom apparently left town without even telling his press secretary.

    And the breakfast appearance wasn't the only one that has been cancelled. Newsom was also due to speak at the Urban Land Institute conference, where he was to represent his own project, ChinaSF, meant to promote trade with China.

    Mysteriously enough, Newsom apparently spent the week before choosing to leave the statewide race with an unnamed "life coach" or "corporate facilitator," leaving folks wondering what, exactly, is going on with the mayor.

    Maybe the unspecified amount of time in Hawaii will be the "wake-up call" he apparently needs.

    Jackson West wouldn't mind a Hawaiian vacation right about now.