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Gascon Switches Teams

The long-time Republican is no longer a member of the red team



    San Francisco's new district attorney has a lot more changes to talk about on top of switching jobs. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011)

    The surprise announcement that San Francisco's top cop is now the City's top prosecutor is settling in here in the Bay Area, but it turns out George Gascon is not through with the surprises. 

    NBC Bay Area's Cheryl Hurd got a couple more out of him during a one-on-one interview this week. San Francisco's new district attorney told her the job change is the first of many in his path. He said he also changed political parties and very soon will likely add the title of candidate to his resume.

    Gascon told Hurd he accepted the new job because it is "providing me a unique opportunity to continue some of the work I've been doing for the last six years with a completely set of tools."

    Those tools will include a new political party. Gascon, a longtime Republican, said he officially switched parties last week. 

    "My political values are much more closely aligned with the Democratic party rather than the Republican party," Gascon said.

     He says he broke ranks with the Republicans over immigration. "We have a right to control our borders, but we have a better understanding impact and civil rights of people," Gascon said.

    Gascon admitted being a D.A. makes him a political figure and he says he is prepared to stick with the job if the voters let him.  He told Hurd that he will run for the office come November.