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Hi, I'm Gavin

San Francisco mayor on a "Get to know me!" tour



    Hi, I'm Gavin
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    Hi, I'm Gavin.

    Do you know San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom?

    If not, the Gavinator -- and would-be governator -- wants you to get to know him at this week's town hall meetings.

    Monday's Town Hall is at Cesar Chavez Elementary School, and Tuesday's is at Santa Ana College. At each, Newsom promises to discuss his vision for the economy, education, and health care.

    So, what do constituents know about the mayor with the centerfold spread? Well, the mayor likes baseball, and he's down with same-sex marriage.

    His neighbors lodged a reported $80,000 in complaints about his house. He loves Twitter, particularly as a fundraising tool.

    And the whippet-thin Newsom, a former restaurateur, has issued an executive directive to city departments to start looking for suitable farmland on public property around the Bay Area.

    Newsom's tour is a precursor to his expected face-off with Jerry Brown, the attorney general who has wrangled almost $10 million out of wealthy donors, in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in June.