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Good-bye Governator

We are about to bid hasta la vista to our movie star governor.



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    Arnold Schwarzenegger will become a regular citizen this week.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will turn over the keys to the state Monday morning in Sacramento.  By the afternoon Jerry Brown will be in the driver's seat.

    Schwarzenegger is known for using the famous saying from one of his blockbuster movies,"I'll be back," as a tag line, but in recent interviews he is remaining noncommittal on the subject of his future.  He isn't saying if he'll ever be back in politics, no matter how loud the speculation chatter gets.

    The former actor has talked about three options:

    • jumping on the speech circuit
    • political activism
    • writing an autobiography

    Not on that list are the two things he is best known for, which are running for political office and making Hollywood movies.  He's not publicly ruling either out, but says they are not on his priority list.

    Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear told AP that the governor has received "an absolute flood of every conceivable offer" from the corporate world, real estate ventures and the entertainment industry, but that he won't make any decisions until after he leaves office.

    Two of the biggest changes for Schwarzenegger are the fact that he will soon be able to manage his personal portfolio and begin to earn money.   He refused to take the $174,000 salary during his tenure in Sacramento and he also insisted on paying his own travel expenses which must have been hefty since he never moved to Sacramento and instead shuttled himself by private jet to and from the capitol and his mansion in LA.

    Schwarzenegger has become a fan of the Tweet, so it would not be surprising if he shared his big post-gubernatorial plans via his Twitter account. So even if he isn't saying it right now, he will be back.