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Google Runs Pro-Pot Ads Rejected by Facebook



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    When all else fails, just Google it.

    A pro marijuana legalization ad that had a short life on Facebook will now be getting a bigger audience: Google.

    The Just Say Now ad, which features a clip art-style marijuana leaf surrounded by a quote bubble, ran on Facebook for just over a week before pulling it from the site.

    Facebook said the ad is a violation of the company's policy and a spokesman sent an email to HuffPo explaining their position.
    "The image of a pot leaf is classified with all smoking products and therefore is not acceptable under our policies."

    The blog site Firedoglake tells up Google picked up the ad and agreed to run it, as well as two others for the group -- one that includes the group's name and website.

    Just Say Now is pushing for support and education about marijuana legalization.