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Governator Wants to Terminate Legal Pot Debate



    Governator Wants to Terminate Legal Pot Debate
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a big fan of legalizing marijuana.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggerhas been known to enjoy a cigar or two in his day but he is not a big fan of legalized marijuana.

    The governator blasted California's largest union for supporting a November ballot measure to legalize marijuana. But just last year the actor-turned-politician called for a debate on legalizing pot.
    The governor wrote an opinion piece for Friday's Los Angeles Times, calling it a flawed initiative that would make California a laughingstock, cause legal nightmares and risk public safety.
    Schwarzenegger's piece attacks the 700,000-member Service Employees International Union for endorsing the measure.

    The SEIU has said the plan could bring tax income to fill empty government coffers.

    The governor says the union could do more to save jobs and prevent budget cuts by embracing pension reform.

    "The notion that we have to choose between legalizing drugs and education funding or care for the elderly is false," he wrote. "The answer is to prioritize the money we already have, and funding pensions 2000% higher than we were 10 years ago means we don't have our priorities straight."

    The SEIU is resisting his reform demands, although a handful of other unions have agreed to pension concessions.