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Governor Has Senior Moment About Junior Senator

Generally when showing up in D.C. with hat in hand, it pays to know your marks



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    When you make a film actor perform without a script, don't be surprised if he flubs his lines from time to time.

    California legislators looking to get some help from the federal government in closing continuing budget gaps likely put palms to faces after Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest gaffe.

    Seems after a long meeting with Senator Barbara Boxer, Schwarzenegger took to the capitol steps to offer an optimistic assessment of the meeting he just had.

    With "Senator Feinstein."


    Yes, it seems that Schwarzenegger at best misspoke, at worst can't tell the state's junior and senior senators apart. Granted, they are both old white ladies in a crowd of old, white men, and lord knows Schwarzenegger probably hasn't always been able to remember the names of every woman he's met with in "closed session."

    For her part, Boxer said that the state would now be getting a windfall of new money thanks to the various stimulus spending bills -- $50 billion -- and promises to see how some of that money can't help fix the state's budget mess.

    Jackson West feels for the governator, having mixed up a few drag performers and misspelled a senator's name himself of late.