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Twitter: Health Care Ruling Breaks Obama's Way

Twitter's instant reactions point to a victory for the administration.



    Twitter: Health Care Ruling Breaks Obama's Way
    Politicians are increasingly using technology to connect with their constituents in creative ways.

    The fact that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the more liberal justices to uphold the majority of President Obama's health care law is fascinating enough, but how the decision ripples through America -- and election-year politics -- may not settle for some time.

    Roberts articulated in the ruling that the law was a valid exercise of Congress's power to tax.

    On Twitter, the instant reaction analysis trended both ways, politically, with some indicating that health care is a human right, along with speculation on how Harriet Miers would have voted.On the other side, "extreme disappointment" and outrage that the individual mandate survived.

    NBC News pulled a Storify together here.

    The entire ruling from the Supreme Court is here.