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Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Now Over 2 Million

Trump won the electoral college, 306-232



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    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, accompanied by her husband former President Bill Clinton, pauses as she concedes the presidential election at the New Yorker Hotel on Nov. 9, 2016, in New York City. Republican candidate Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election in the early hours of the morning in a widely unforeseen upset.

    Despite losing the presidential election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton now has more than 2 million more votes than him, NBC News reported.

    According to an ongoing tally by Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman, Hillary Clinton's vote total is 64,223,986 (48.1 percent of the vote), while Trump's is 62,206,395 (46.6 percent) - a difference of 2,017,591 votes. Clinton’s vote total is nearing the 65.9 million votes Barack Obama won in 2012.

    Wasserman’s statistics also revealed that Trump beat Clinton in 13 swing states by a margin of 48.5 percent to 46.6 percent. In the non-swing states, though, Clinton is ahead of Trump 48.9 percent to 45.6 percent.

    Trump won the electoral college, 306-232.

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    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016)