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Is Gavin Newsom a Little Too Close to Twitter?

Gubenatorial campaign might have to disclose prime spot on Twitter's suggested user list



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    On Twitter, it helps to have friends at the company, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom certainly does.

    Some may need a publicist or a style guide in order to amass a following on Twitter, but not San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

    He's benefitted from being on the site's controversial suggested users list alongside celebrities like hip-hop MC 50 Cent, which is presented to every new user who signs up for the service.

    So as the site -- and the company, which is moving into new, larger offices -- has grown, so has Newsom's list of followers.

    But the blog I Love You Gavin Newsom is arguing that this prime piece of Twitter real estate amounts to a non-monetary contribution to Newsom's gubernatorial campaign, and should be disclosed as such per the state's campaign financing laws.

    And other questions about Newsom's fundraising were raised by the San Francisco Chronicle, which pointed to multiple contributions to Newsom's campaign coffers by people with business before the city.

    For instance, former NBC executive Ben Silverman gave Newsom $40,000 while the network was lobbying the Film Commission for tax givebacks and soundstage space on Treasure Island for the production of Trauma.

    Not only did the network get the givebacks and freebie, but San Francisco's First Lady, Jennifer Siebel-Newsom, got a bit part in the show!

    Newsom is currently hurting for cash, as his likely primary opponent, Attorney General Jerry Brown, is handily beating him in the fundraising race without even officially declaring his intent to run.

    It's gotten so bad, Newsom is leaving the side of his wife and new child on a fundraising run back east.

    Jackson West thinks Silverman should volunteer for Newsom's campaign -- they seem to be BFF material.