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Jackie Speier Skateboards with Stephen Colbert

Representative for the "fightin' twelfth" acquits herself as admirably as possible



    Jackie Speier Skateboards with Stephen Colbert
    Mike Rosati
    Jackie Speier didn't embarass the Sunset District she represents. Much.

    Stephen Colbert, the late night comedian known for his schtick impersonating a rabid Republican, invited congresswoman Jackie Speier to sit down and chat for his "Better Know A District" sketch.

    Speier, who represents California's 12th District which includes parts of San Francisco and San Mateo counties, did not make a complete ass of herself -- and in this context, that's a remarkable achievement.

    She did, however, ride a skateboard through the halls of the Capitol Building, so if not a complete ass, at least a bit of an ass. (Too be fair, Representative James McGovern, D-Massachusetts, also went along for the ride.)

    In the brief discussion of actual policy, Colbert suggested that if homosexuality is genetic, then the genetic engineering firms in Speier's district might be able to make it "curable."

    Speier, to her credit, pointed out that "being gay is not a disease, it is a sexual orientation."

    As for Obama's lack of action on ending the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy barring gay warriors from serving openly? Speier explained the commander in chief's reasoning for passing the buck to congress.

    "I think what he wants is to have a law on the books, so you can't have an executive order for the next president to upend."

    Photo by Mike Rosati.

    Jackson West can't wait to see Colbert take on the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and suggests bringing up the Stupak amendment.