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Jerry Brown Stands By His Frugality



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    California Attorney General and democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown talks with reporters after voting June 8, 2010 in Oakland, California. California voters are heading to the polls to vote in the primary elections for governor, U.S. Senate and other statewide and local races.

    Jerry Brown says his $1.8 million home with sweeping views of San Francisco Bay does not take away from his gubernatorial campaign's message of frugality.

    Instead, he says it's consistent with it.

    The Associated Press reported last week that the Democratic candidate rarely mentions his five-story home in the Oakland Hills. He often reminds voters of his rented apartment during his first tour in the executive office and the downtown loft he lived in as Oakland mayor.

     After a speech Tuesday in Monterey, Brown told reporters the house is consistent with his frugality message. He says he's been saving all his life and can afford it. He also said it's modest by San Francisco Bay-area standards.

    RAW VIDEO: Jerry Brown on Election Night

    [BAY] RAW VIDEO: Jerry Brown on Election Night
    Jerry Brown talks to supports after winning the California Primary.
    (Published Tuesday, June 8, 2010)

    Brown says he has a proven record of spending the people's money wisely.