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Kamala Harris to Declare Victory Tuesday



    Kamala Harris to Declare Victory Tuesday
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    San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris will declare victory Tuesday.

    The long wait for San Francisco's current District Attorney Kamala Harris is just about over.  She will take up where she left off on Election Night with a planned victory party 28 days later.

    Her squeakie-close race for state attorney ceneral against Los Angeles DA Steve Cooley is over and she is the victor. It was one of the closest statewide races in California history.

    Cooley conceded last week, but Harris said she would not speak (and declare victory) until the official vote count was complete. 

    Harris issued a press release Monday morning saying that she would "make a major announcement regarding the race for California Attorney General on Tuesday, November 30th."

    She has scheduled a press conference in Los Angeles at 10:30 a.m. That will be followed by another in San Francisco at 4:30 p.m.

    Harris will end her day with a party at Delancey Street, which has long been a political party zone for San Francisco Democrats. 

    Her win makes for a clean sweep for the Democrats in statewide offices in Sacramento.