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Lick Those Stamps, Alameda County Voters



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    Rachel Rique
    Alameda County voters will need to pay extra postage to vote by mail this election.

    With so much happening in the Nov. 2 election, casting a ballot by mail in Alameda County will cost you.

    An estimated 78 cents in postage is needed to return the multiple ballot cards from local, state and federal races and measures, according to the county’s registrar of voters.

    Ranked-choice voting, which is already in place in San Francisco, is coming to Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro for this election. That means voters will get three ballot cards, while voters in all other cities and unincorporated parts of the county will get two.

    If you can't spare the dough, or simply want to reject the idea of paying more for your voice to be heard, dropping off your vote-by-mail ballot at any Alameda County polling place still works.

    Or, you could wait for online voting to catch on someday. Santa Clara County is already registering voters with iPads.

    Check out this video for more information about ranked-choice voting: