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Liens Adding Up for Oakland Mayor



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    Mia Mabanta

    Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and his wife are dealing with a problem faced by millions of Americans: Another lien on their home.

    Already slapped with a lein for not paying almost $240,000 in property taxes, the couple was named in an IRS lien filed with the Alameda County recorder's office Dec. 23 for $13,638, the Chronicle reports.

    News of the lien comes just two months after the IRS slapped the mayor and his wife with a $239,000 lein, which the couple is "in ther process of dealing with," the  mayor's office said.

    Dellums also has a lien matter on the East Coast. A lein filed in October in Washington, D.C. named Dellums. He lived there for more than 30 years while serving as a member of Congress then as a lobbyist.