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Meg Whitman Breaks Spending Record

California has the eighth largest economy in the world, thanks in part to Meg Whitman's astronomical campaign spending.



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    What would you buy if you had $119 million? How about the state of California?

    With more than a month left before the election, Meg Whitman has broken more the all time spending record with her campaign for Governor. So far, she's sunk $119 million of her own personal fortune into the campaign. That's more than anyone has ever self-financed, passing Michael Bloomberg's $110 million record and dwarfing the $60 million spent by Ross Perot for the Presidency in 1992.

    Her opponent Jerry Brown has spent around $1 million, according to the most recent filing. The two candidates are in a statistical dead heat, but Brown recently started airing ads pointing out deceptive claims in Whitman's commercials with her playing the role of Pinocchio.

    The California Nurses union is also putting some money the campaign.  They put out a low budget parody profile called "Queen Meg" set up to mock the eBay billionaire.

    According to the San Francisco Young Democrats, Whitman will be visiting San Francisco today to tour the offices of Yelp. "Protestors will be out in force," the SFYDs promise.

    Matt Baume thinks someone should tell Meg that California doesn't have a reserve price.