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Mighty Morphin' Meg Whitman Counts Cash from Democratic Donor

Power Rangers entrepreneur Haim Saban donates maximum to eMeg



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    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers producer Haim Saban has hedged his bets, with $18,000 for Brown and now $25,900 for Whitman.

    Wealthy producer Haim Saban, best known for bankrolling the once wildly popular Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers franchise, has donated the maximum allowed by individuals to the campaign of former eBay CEO and Republican candidate for governor Meg Whitman.

    Saban has given generously to Democrats in the past, including $18,000 to Jerry Brown last year. Brown is the presumptive Democratic nominee, though he hasn't officially declared his candidacy.

    Whitman's opponent in the Republican primary, Steve Poizner, has questioned Whitman's commitment to the GOP, pointing to her late registration as a Republican and her support for Democrat Steve Westly in the last gubernatorial election. Saban donated to the Westly campaign as well.

    For his part, Brown has recently earned donations and endorsements from a number of prominent Republican businessmen in the last few weeks, and sure both Brown and Whitman will argue that it illustrates their respective bipartisan credentials -- when, in reality, it's likely just an opportunity for those businesspeople to hedge their bets in order to buy a seat at the table of whichever party wins.

    Jackson West wonders why Whitman bashes children on welfare but seems more than happy to take handouts herself.