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Missing Members, San Francisco MTA Cancels Board Meeting

Even Muni's board don't arrive on time



    Missing Members, San Francisco MTA Cancels Board Meeting
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    Gavin Newsom wants a rider to volunteer time and ideas to the board that oversees San Francisco's Muni.

    The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency was all set to consider tax proposals to raise revenue for Muni's budget at a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday.

    But, in a comically appropriate way, the meeting was canceled because not enough board members showed up.

    The board was also to discuss the cost of controversial "work orders" from other city agencies and an audit which did not paint a great picture of the agency's finances.

    Which, honestly, would you volunteer to be in the SFMTA Board's position? Can't they just ask the mayor who appointed them all what he thinks and call it a day every once in a while?

    One of the problems is that the seven member board is actually only five members at the moment, as Mayor Gavin Newsom has yet to name replacements. Four are needed to be present for a meeting "quorum," so with two playing hooky, no meeting.

    It is not exactly the best example to set when discussing issues like operator absenteeism, which the recent audit said was costing Muni dearly.

    The news comes on the same day as the Board of Supervisors faces a deadline for ballot proposals for the November election, and are widely expected to introduce one that would allow the supervisors to pick three of the seven board members.

    Jackson West wonders if the two absent board members chose to spend more time with their family.