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Most Californians Want Government Shakeup

Proposition 13 still loved by most, but unfunded ballot measures loathed



    Most Californians Want Government Shakeup
    MissSophistifunK / Flickr
    A recent Field Poll didn't answer the burning question of whether Californians wand to turn the state capitol building into Thunderdome.

    51 percent of Californians who participated in a Field Poll want the way state goverment works to be changed through a constitutional convention.

    And 95 percent of those people said the state should be ruled by Tina Turner, and disputes settled in high-flying gladiatorial combat.


    One question did hint at the Mad Maxian state of the state: Apparently 62 percent said "yes" when asked if they'd travel and work on such a change in the arrangements in Sacramento if paid $50,000.

    There was no record of what would qualify these people, much less whether they were simply among the growing number of desperate and unemployed Californians. If there's going to be wonky meetings about the intricacies of the state government org-chart and legislative systems, I know people who'd actually pay to attend.

    The one thing that the vast majority agreed on -- 75 percent -- agreed that proposed ballot measures should identify a source of funding, or offer something else up on the chopping block.

    So at least there's some understanding that we will have to pay for what we want. Unless of course those are taxes, in which case, we'll have none of it.

    Photo by Flickr user MissSophistifunK.

    Jackson West thinks it would be a lot more fun if we dressed up in wigs and breeches and such if we do have a constitutional convention.