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Iran to Send Enriched Uranium to Russia: Report

The one-on-one meeting marked the first official bilateral talks between the nations in 30 years



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    President Obama and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could be on a collision course over nukes.

    Iran has acceded to U.S. demands to open up its newly revealed nuke facility to inspections within two weeks and will send most of its enriched uranium to Russia, The New York Times reported, citing senior American and Western officials.

    The move came during a long day of talks with five other world powers in Geneva that saw U.S. diplomats meet their Iranian counterparts one-on-one for the first in 30 years during a lunch break.

    Afterward, President Obama called the talks a "constructive beginning," but said America's patience has limits. "Talk is no substitute for action," he said. "Iran must demonstrate through concrete steps that it will live up to its end of the agreement. It must demonstrate a commitment to transparency."

    The bilateral talks between Washington and Tehran signal a willingness by both parties to discuss and the U.S.'s determination to make progress.

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