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Palin Payday: Veep Wannabe Lands Speaking Gig

Ex-Gov Invited to speak at event



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    Former governor Sarah Palin will make her first Asia trip this September.

    Sarah Palin scored her first speaking gig since quitting her job as Alaska's governor in July, and it could bring her double her old salary.

    The Credit Lyonnaise SecuritiesAsia Investor's Forum has invited Palin to Hong Kong in September to speak at their annual conference of global investment managers.  She'll join a long list big time political figures who have spoken at the event, including Al Gore, Alan Greenspan, and Bill Clinton who netted $250,000 from the one time engagement. What Palin will receiveis unknown.

    Palin made $125,000 a year as governor of Alaska. The former vice presidential candidate, who famously struggled with international topics during her 2008 run, has not indicated what topic she'll discuss during her first trip to Asia. 

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