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"Nanny" Newsom to NY: Pass the Salt

Newsom keen on Bloomberg's anti-salt idea



    "Nanny" Newsom to NY: Pass the Salt
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    Salt and pepper shakers are seen in a New York City diner.

    No trans fats, higher fees on cigarettes and taxing to pick up butts and now an order to limit salt in served foods in San Francisco? It's a thought that will no doubt  give some people even more reason to call Mayor Gavin Newsom the "Nanny Mayor."

    Newsom is intrigued by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's call for restaurants to voluntarily cut back on the amount of salt in their foods. After all, it fits right in with his plan to help make San Franciscans healthier -- which also includes a campaign against sugary sodas.

    The health initiative Bloomberg revealed this week calls for restaurants to reduce the amount of salt in foods by 25 percent over the next five years. It's part of his plan to help the Big Apple become healthier but it's prompted many to refer to him as the Nanny Mayor.

    Newsom's not worried about being called the Nanny Mayor. But he is a little possessive of the moniker, as our friends at the Examiner discovered.

    "Just because FOX was attacking [Bloomberg] as the nanny mayor and I thought, I can’t cede that position." Newsom said.

    But, calm down, fans of the overly-salty. The City's not going to stop sprinking the crystals anytime soon.

    "We're just researching it," Newsom said of the plan. "I don’t have any intention [of drafting salt legislation] at the moment, but I think [Bloomberg’s initiative] is an important public information campaign.”