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Decision 2016

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Nevada Win Offers Clinton a Sigh of Relief: Analysis



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    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a rally Friday, Feb. 19, 2016, in Las Vegas.

    Hillary Clinton’s win in Nevada on Saturday is significant, despite how close the race is with rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, NBC News reported.

    Sanders has gained momentum after his 22-point New Hampshire primary win. He also has a recent fundraising advantage over Clinton, as well as the negative headlines for the former secretary of state.

    Clinton won the popular vote in Nevada in 2008, where the electorate is more diverse.

    Nevada's win comes after she told supporters she was breathing a "big sigh of relief" after narrowly winning the Iowa caucus. 

    She holds an advantage with delegates and superdelegates over Sanders, as the Democratic race moves to a more favorable area for Clinton — South Carolina and other southern states — which possibly sets her up for a winning streak.