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Newsom Gladly Talks Trash

Editorial in Sacramento Bee addresses San Francisco's recycling, composting laws



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    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom loves talking trash ... and compost.

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom didn't hold back on talking trash in an op-ed piece published Sunday in the Sacramento Bee.

    He didn't hold back on the composting and recycling talk either.

    Newsom cowrote the commentary in the Sacramento newspaper to promote efforts to curb the amount of waste sent to landfills and tout San Francisco's groundbreaking composting laws.

    The piece comes days after the California Integrated Waste Management Board voted unanimously to approve a compulsory recycling ordinance for companies operating within the jurisdictions of local governments.

    If the ordinance is adopted by state lawmakers, local governments could fine or prosecute businesses that don't abide by locally mandated recycling laws.

    Furthermore, the draft ordinance stipulates that California could start fining local jurisdictions as much as $10,000 per day in late 2013 if they fail to implement compulsory commercial recycling programs.

    In October, San Francisco enacted the toughest recycling laws in the nation by promising to fine homeowners and businesses that don't separate their trash into three bins -- one for recycling, one for composting, and another for waste.