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Newsom Takes a Shot at Fictional Mayor

San Francisco mayor appears on The Simpsons anniversary special



    Newsom Takes a Shot at Fictional Mayor
    Mayor Gavin Newsom showed up on The Simpsons anniversary special.

    While San Francisco was meeting Mayor Gavin Newsom's daughter for the first time, the rest of the nation was listening to some harsh words from the leader of San Francisco about another leader: Mayor Joe Quimby of Springfield.

    Newsomappeared on a documentary style celebration of "The Simpsons" 20th anniversary special Sunday on Fox to comment on the mayor of Springfield. And the mayor's criticism of the boozing, crooked politician was laced with a hint of irony.

    “He truly is the most patronizing politician I’ve ever seen in my life,” Newsom said. “The corruption, the graft, the sexual escapades, the heavy drinking. It's just a typical day in the office.”

    Newsom joined the likes of Hugh Hefner, Flea, Jerry Springer Seth Macfarlane and other celebrities in the special hosted by Morgan Spurlock.

    But while the mayor was more than happy to participate in the special, his office was less than eager to talk about his appearance.

    "We're not focused on that," Newsom's Spokesman Joe Arellano told the Chronicle. "It's a cartoon, and the mayor is focused on much more important issues right now such as the city budget."

    You can watch Newsom's cameo below, about 40 seconds in, or watch the full episode on Fox's website.