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Not So Fast: Newsom Not Ready to Sell Wine

Mayor says NY Times misunderstood his statements about retirement



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    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom can still count the ways he loves politics.

    Sad about Gavin Newsom's future life as a wine clerk? Cheer up. An aide for the mayor says his infamous quotes to the New York Times about leaving politics were taken out of context.

    And what about his harsh critique of President Barack Obama's stance on gay marriage in the same interview? Well he totally meant that, it was just bad timing.

    Newsom says he did the interview over a week ago and the article happen to come out the day before he met with the very same president he ripped.

    “It was a week ago and timing was curious when it appeared,” Newsom said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Thursday before reiterating his criticism of the president. "I stand by what I said."

    Still Newsom stood by his stinging critique of Mr. Obama's refusal to take a stand for gay marriage. But the mayor's Spokesman Tony Winnickertold the San Francisco Chronicle Newsom never brought up the issue to the president's face when the two meet as part of a gathering involving the nation's mayors.

    And what about leaving politics? Newsom called the paper to say he wasn't being totally serious when he said "in a couple of years, you'll see me as the clerk of a wine store." Winnicker said the mayor was being "tongue in cheek" and Newsom said he hopes to stay involved with politics in the future.

    Check out Newsom on MSNBC below: