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New D.A. Talks Pot

We sit down with Santa Clara County's new D.A. and ask him just what kind of anti-crime boss he'll be.



    Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara's new District Attorney, is promising to keep one controversial campaign promise. (Published Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011)

    You have to admit it, Jeff Rosen has some guts.

    The former Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney took on his boss last year in the race for D.A. In the process, he had to say some pretty nasty things about Delores Carr. He had to have known what would happen to him if he lost.

    But he didn't lose, and this week he was sworn in as Santa Clara County's newest District Attorney.

    What kind of D.A. will he be? Why is he waiting to fulfill his most controversial campaign promise: reopening the De Anza rape case? And, oh yea, what does Santa Clara's chief law enforcement officer think about pot and the recent raids on South Bay medical marijuana dispensaries. We sit down and ask him.

    His answers are posted below.

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