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Politi-Quotes: The Week in One-Liners

Top 10 quotes in American politics.



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    “I’m sorry, I’m laughing, I’m sorry,” Steele said as he tried to respond to Specter.

    The week's top 10 quotes in American politics.

    "So change ur last Tweet Arlen." — Sen. Chuck Grassley, getting in a Twitter fight with Sen. Arlen Specter over health care

    "Damon, you're in The Situation Room." — CNN's Wolf Blitzer, welcoming 11-year-old "reporter" Damon Weaver to CNN's afternoon program.

    "Oh, you gotta be careful about them cable networks." — President Barack Obama, at a Montana town hall meeting on health care.

    "They didn't get any of my facts right." — Tennis legend Billie Jean King on the White House's alleged flubbing of her career stats during a Medal of Freedom ceremony.

    "The sexual tension between the two of you is just so real and vivid." — Fox News' Bill Hemmer, following-up on a contentious back and forth between his colleague Megyn Kelly and White House spokesman Bill Burton.

    "Can we trust that he's going to keep his word when he says that?" — A sarcastic question asked of White House press secretary Robert Gibbs by a reporter regarding Obama's tendency to say that he'll call on
    town hall audience members "boy, girl, boy, girl."

    "So I know that the press is going to be leaving us and perhaps before they go, we could hear an opening prayer. The press — we should pray for the press as well as we pray for everyone else." - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, having a more lighthearted moment for her this

    "You know what I find remarkable? I look pretty much the same, but you've aged a lot" — CNN's Jack Cafferty to Wolf Blitzer, on Cafferty's four-year "Situation Room" anniversary. 

    "I'm sorry, I'm laughing, I'm sorry." — RNC Chair Michael Steele in response to a clip played of Sen. Arlen Specter saying that town hall protesters are "not necessarily representative of America.

    "If you want to have a debate, let's have a debate. If you want to lie to people ... Get a radio show, I guess." — Air America radio host Ron Reagan, poking a bit of fun at his own profession.