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Pelosi Promises Gays in Military Vote



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    Promises, promises: after years of hemming and hawing about a vote on ban on gay service-members, Nancy Pelosi's office is promising a vote before the end of the year.

    The move comes in the wake of several high-profile protests against Don't Ask Don't Tell. Numerous gay soldiers and their supporters have chained themselves to the White House Fence, while others have heckled President Obama at appearances.

    Thanks to the attention-grabbing tactics of groups such as GetEqual, repealing DADT has become this year's "it" cause for LGBT activists.

    Finally voting on the ban would be a significant step, since Democrats have been hedging on the issue ever since Obama was elected. Activists were particularly angered when the administration went so far as to defend DADT in court.

    Pelosi's track record on bringing legislation to the floor is quite strong, bolstering the chances that the ban could be lifted this year. And one more nail in DADT's coffin: widespread public support for repeal.