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Changes to Term Limits Pass

Proposition 28 passes, capping state political tenures at 12 years.



    Prop 28 Passes

    One of the statewide ballot issues to garner more attention than most is on its way to passage. Proposition 28, which changes the rules of term limits for legislators, has 65 percent of the vote, with 21 percent of precincts reporting. (Published Tuesday, June 5, 2012)

    Californians overwhelmingly approved Proposition 28 on Tuesday night, a term limits measure that will cut the number of years legislators could serve from 14 years to 12.

    Those 12 years, however, can be served consecutively in either the State Senate or the State Assembly. It does not affect anyone presently holding office.

    Currently legislators can spend six years in the Assembly and eight years in the Senate.

    Term limits were imposed, and last changed, in 1990.

    Supporters of the proposition cited consistency of leadership and the retention of institutional and legislative-procedure knowledge. Proponents included a mesh of labor unions as well as business groups.

    Opponents were concerned about entrenchment of poor-performing politicians. The critics included, among others, the state Republican Party, who thought the prop title was misleading.