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Prop 8 Trial Could Be Must-See TV

Not since Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's confirmation hearings have wonks been so excited



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    Mike Linksvayer
    Judge Vaughn Walker could decide to put the latest marriage equality trial on the air.

    The council that makes the rules for trial procedure in the 9th District Court of Appeals has provisionally approved the use of live cameras in federal courts.

    And while unless you regularly watch C-SPAN, that might not sound terribly exciting, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker has said that if allowed, he would consider allowing a discrimination case brought against Proposition 8, an attempt to enshrine discrimination in California's constitution, could be televised.

    Lawyers for the defense are arguing that cameras would compromise the fairness of the trial, ironically enough claiming to fear "witness intimidation and/or harassment."

    Because apparently Proposition 8 supporters are just that scared of the gays.

    But counsel for the plaintiffs said that the lesbian couple who originally brought suit would not object.

    Since the program is so new, there is nothing requiring both parties consent to live broadcasts.

    Photo by Mike Linksvayer.

    Jackson West just hope that if broadcast, it's streamed online, too.