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Report: Millennials Unattached to Organized Politics, Less Religious



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    Millennials are unattached to organized politics and are linked by social media, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

    Millennials are young adults, ages 18 to 33, and the new poll shows this generation, compared to Generation X, tends to be more politically independent.

    And they are less religious. In fact, only 58 percent said they were "absolutely certain" God exists, according to the poll.

    Millenials are also less likely to get married.

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    Twenty-six percent of millennials are married versus 48 percent of baby boomers at the same age, the poll said.

    "They're so earnest," Time Columnist Joel Stein said. "They're so easily offended whereas I'm Generation X, and all of the horrible things that are written about us--I don't think any of us cared."

    According to the survey, many Americans said this generation faces more economic challenges than their elders did when they were first starting out.

    While Millennials say they don't earn or have enough now, they are the most upbeat about the future.

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