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Ron Dellums Runs into Further Finance Problems

Oakland mayor declined to report gift of intercontinental travel



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    Ron Dellums has some 'splainin to do once again.

    When Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums traveled to South Africa to receive an award for his help in ending apartheid, the South African government picked up the tab.

    However, under state law requiring politicians to report gifts, he was required to disclose the free plane tickets and accommodations.

    Instead of admitting the mistake, Dellums's former chief of staff David Chai explained that the trip was paid for out-of-pocket.

    Now the Dellums administration is admitting they made a mistake, and intend to correct it. But the gaffe may draw a sanction in the form of a fine of up to $5,000.

    Any fine wouldn't come at a great time for the family Dellums, since they currently owe the Internal Revenue Service hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes.

    Jackson West wonders if area mayors shouldn't go to a finishing school run by Willie Brown to learn how to better cover their tracks.