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San Francisco Cuts Costs, Emissions With City Carshare

Not that you'll see Mayor Newsom zipping about town in a rental hybrid



    San Francisco Cuts Costs, Emissions With City Carshare
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    San Francisco is teaming up with City Carshare.

    The communications staff at San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's office had a busy week, with not one but two transit-related press releases.

    On Monday, the mayor's office announced a partnership with non-profit City Carshare, offering city departments access to the fleet of rental vehicles as a way of reducing the City's fleet of vehicles.

    The move is expected to save the City money on transportation costs as well as reduce its carbon footprint -- a third of City Carshare's fleet are hybrids located at 140 pickup and drop-off points in town.

    On Tuesday, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and mayor took credit for record on-time performance, claiming 75 percent of Muni routes were on schedule from January through March, before a 10 percent service reduction went into effect in May.

    Of course, it's not like the mayor or other city officials, such as District Attorney Kamala Harris will take advantage of these transportation alternatives. Both enjoy chauffeured rides in city-owned vehicles.

    Though you can catch Newsom on a bike once a year for the obligatory Bike to Work Day photo.

    Jackson West would highly recommend ZipCar for anyone looking to go car-free in San Francisco and beyond.