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Sacramento Mayor Refused to Report SF Theft

Kevin Johnson blogged about a garment bag that was stolen, but why didn't he file a police report?



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    Tom Bridge
    Kevin Johnson apparently didn't learn to keep an eye on his stuff after a career spent hopping from city to city in the NBA.

    Former NBA All-Star and current Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson says he lost "a nice suit, a nice pair of shoes and overnight toiletries" shortly after arriving in San Francisco for a conference last weekend.

    However, he declined to actually address the problem by filing a police report -- leaving the San Francisco Police Department to find out about the alleged theft through news reports.

    Instead, Johnson wanted to talk about the issue directly with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom -- and promised that something like this would never happen on his watch in Sacramento.

    Newsom, of course, is a big fan of throwing technology at problems like crime. And a police report is the main data point used in analyzing trends and mapping crime in neighborhoods.

    And the more the police know, presumably the better they can do their jobs, so things like this won't happen in the future.

    Instead, Johnson declined to file a report even after he was contacted by the SFPD.

    Which makes one wonder if Johnson's story of selflessly helping an elderly man and losing his bag in the process is about as truthful as Newsom's stories about his long-lost foster brother.

    Photo by Tom Bridge.

    Jackson West will not leave his bags unattended anywhere, not even amongst the apparent bumpkins in Sacramento.