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San Francisco Film Boss Gets New Friend in Fight for Job

Stefanie Coyote has picked up a pair of unlikely allies



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    Stefanie Coyote, right, is getting some help from a fellow Gavin Newsom appointee in fighting a mayoral demand for her resignation -- and from one of Newsom's biggest detractors.

    When San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom asked the city's Film Commission Executive Director Stefanie Coyote to resign, he could probably have guessed that the decision might prove controversial.

    But it's unlikely he'd have anticipated that two city supervisors who aren't exactly the best of friends, Michela Alioto-Pier and Chris Daly, are none too pleased with the mayor's resignation demand.

    Alioto-Pier has sponsored a charter amendment that would grant the Board of Supervisors the power to appoint five of the eleven commission members. Alioto-Pier was herself originally appointed to the board by Newsom, and this bout of political independence was a head scratcher.

    Daly, a vocal critic of the mayor and of Alioto-Pier, was not to be outdone, and has now asked the City Attorney's office to look into whether the mayor overstepped his authority in demanding the resignation, publicly questioning whether the mayor axed Coyote because her husband, actor Peter Coyote, supported Jerry Brown's candidacy for the gubernatorial nomination, and not Newsom's.

    The mayor's staffing moves in the wake of his failed campaign for governor have raised a few eyebrows, with campaign volunteers being selected to replace experienced public servants.

    Regardless, none of this helping San Francisco get more film production work.

    Jackson West has an idea for a reality show about the supes, so do contact his agent.