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San Francisco Public Defender Says He Can Save the City Millions



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    Jeff Adachi poses for a shot. Photo: Steve Rhodes on Flickr

    San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi is set to deliver  signatures to the elections department Tuesday that he says will qualify his  pension reform measure for the November ballot.
    With the cost of city employee retirement and health plans a  growing concern, Adachi says his plan could save the city $170 million right  away.

    A San Francisco civil grand jury in June estimated that the costs  of retiree pensions and health insurance could balloon from $413 million this  year to nearly $1 billion in five years.

    A ballot measure approved by San Francisco voters in June raised  contributions to the pension fund by newly hired police and firefighters from  7.5 percent of their pay to 9 percent to cover the costs of their more  expensive plans. Most other city employees still pay 7.5 percent.

    Under Adachi's proposal, all uniformed members of the police and  fire departments would contribute 10 percent, while other city employees  would contribute 9 percent.

    Adachi says he has more than the needed 46,000 signatures to  qualify the measure and will deliver them to the elections department at City  Hall at 4 p.m. today.