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San Francisco Supervisor Renews His F-Bomb Vow



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    Steve Rhodes
    San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly can be quite charming -- unless you cross him, in which case the claws come out.

    Like most people San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly fell off his New Year's resolution just a few months into the new year.

    But unlike most people, Daly makes resolutions to further bad habits, not to quench them.

    The outspoken San Francisco politician vowed to drop the F-bomb at least once at every meeting he attended during this, his last year in office.

    After starting off the year with a bang, Daly's inserted a bar of soap into his own mouth and backed off of his resolution. But Monday during a Board of Supervisors City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee meeting, Daly found a topic worthy of dropping two F-bombs, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    The supervisor has wanted an apology from home builder Lennar ever since one of its security guards attending a public meeting at a local house of worship held by anti-Lennar activists armed with a gun.

    “In the Nation of Islam mosque on Third Street, this is a middle aged white man who is a former cop packing in the mosque. Are you [expletive] kidding me?” Daly said during the hearing, according to the Examiner.

    And the supervisor didn't stop there. He used his favorite colorful adjective to tell Lennar how the company should have reacted to the security guard's behavior.

    “We [expletive] up on this one and it won’t happen again, you have my apology,” Daly said, mimicking a Lennar representative calling organizers of the community meeting.

    For his part Daly his putting action behind his strong words. He has asked the city attorney to draft a bill banning the carrying of guns at places of worship.