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San Francisco Supervisors Push for Appointment Power

Plans would take Rec & Park, SFMTA appointments away from mayor



    San Francisco Supervisors Push for Appointment Power
    Jim Herd / SF Citizen
    Ross Mirkarimi loved the new Recreation and Park-built waterslide so much, he wants more appointment power to the board that oversees the agency.

    San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, who isn't exactly a political supporter of Mayor Gavin Newsom, told the San Francisco Chronicle that he wants to "foster greater harmony" between the mayor and the board.

    So he's proposing a ballot measure to take three appointments from the Recreation and Park Department's oversight commission from the mayor, who currently appoints all seven members, and give them to the supervisors.

    Uh, yeah, that should foster a lot of harmony.

    Supervisors were also working late Monday to craft a similar bill that would give the supervisors three appointments to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, though that provision might be just one of a larger bill regarding the SFMTA.

    The deadline to introduce such ballot measure proposals is today, and voters would get a chance to say their yay or nay at the polls in November.

    Jackson West would be happily appointed by almost anyone to almost anything.