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San Francisco Waddles on Duck Feeding Ban

City removes measure's language that would have banned feeding birds



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    Feeding the ducks could get a hold lot messier.

    Bird lovers quacked and the City cracked.

    Actually San Francisco officials realized their bill to ban the taunting of city kept animals unintentially went too far and they corrected their ways.

    Legislation that increases fines for teasing or sleeping with zoo animals and for feeding wild buffalo was amended Tuesday to remove language also banning the feeding of ducks in city parks.

    The new measure says the City's Recreation and Park Commission can choose what animals can and cannot be fed by residents and where without fearing the wrath of the law.

    Supervisor Sean Elsbernd introduced the legislation in the wake of in famous Christmas Day tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo two years ago and a recent episode involving a man taking a nap with the bears at the zoo.

    Thankfully, like the ducks, the man was not harmed by a lapse of judgement.