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San Jose City Manager Debra Figone to Retire



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    Debra Figone will retire before Christmas

    There was a surprise announcement today at San Jose City Hall.


    City Manager Debra Figone said she is retiring.

    Her time in the high-profile office coincided with the recession, and turned what she called her dream job into a complicated battle with the plunging economy and resulting budget shortfalls.

    The political waters at city hall became even more turbulent with the passage of the controversial Measure B, which is the pension reform bill.

    Figone also saw the resignation of several fellow executives, including the police and fire chiefs.

    She told NBC Bay Area now is a good time for a transition.

    “We've reached some stability. In terms of our finances, that was a goal of mine so we've made substantial progress, so I really do believe it's a good time for a transition,” Figone said.

    Figone's last day on the job will be in December.

    She is a San Jose native and has worked in city government in either San Jose or Los Gatos her entire adult life.