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Whitman Flips Her Campaign Strategy



    Whitman Flips Her Campaign Strategy
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    Meg Whitman tells the media she is sorry.

    Meg Whitman moved to shore up her front runner status as Republicans began their state convention in Santa Clara.

    But the former eBay CEO couldn't move forward without addressing her past, including her refusal to answer the media's questions at a rally in Oakland earlier this week.

    It definitely took some persuasion but Whitman, who is known for scripting her speeches, admitted she paid for her scripted ways this week after inviting the press to the Oakland event in Oakland and then refusing to answer any questions.
    "I didn't do the right thing on that day, better tomorrow," she said.

    And Whitman vowed to let hair down in the future and actually speak with the press.

    Whitman Changes Her Campaign Strategy

    [BAY] Whitman Changes Her Campaign Strategy
    Former eBay CEO says she made a mistake when she refused to speak to the media and it won't happen again.
    (Published Saturday, March 13, 2010)

    "You'll have lots more access in the coming months," she said.

    Along with promising to end her scripted ways, Whitman says if elected she will eliminate the capital gains tax, get rid of 40,000 state workers, create two million new private sector jobs, and find $15 billion in savings and cuts from the state budget in her first 4 years.

    But the theme of the night was owning up to her past. Whitman admitted she voted for her now bitter Republican rival for governor, Steve Poizner, back in the 2004 when he ran for State Assembly.

    She says she won't make that mistake again and she won't give the media the could shoulder again.