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Whitman and Brown Duel on Health Care Reform

Meg Whitman calls for Jerry Brown to sue Congress



    Whitman and Brown Duel on Health Care Reform
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    California Attorney General Jerry Brown holds a press conference to announce a Web-based prescription drug database to track all all controlled substances prescribed in California on September 15, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The new system will help doctors find prescription drug abusers.

    eBay CEO Meg Whitman wants to put the brakes on a "buy it now" button for health care.

    The conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate said Tuesday that she'd like the California Attorney General to sue to block the health care reform bill.

    For his part, the California Attorney General is unlikely to find her argument persuasive. Jerry Brown -- the likely Democratic contender against Whitman in the governor's race -- has "scoffed" at the prospect of blocking reform.

    Twelve Republican Attorney Generals (and one Democrat) have opted to sue, claiming that Congress lacks the authority to force individuals to purchase health coverage. And Whitman's not alone in pressuring Brown: a number of other Republican leaders have urged Brown to consider a lawsuit.

    Brown said he'd think about it, but noted that the pressue came largely on political lines.

    Whitman may have identified the health care bill as a point on which Brown is vulnerable among more conservative and elderly voters. But even if she's able to make inroads by challenging health care reform, Whitman faces another immediate challenge. Observers calculate that her campaign coffers could run dry this week.