California Doesn’t Show its Subsidies

Getty Images/file

The report comes from a liberal group with an agenda, but the point is well made: the state of California does a poor job of disclosing the subsidies it provides to corporations.

A new report from the group, Washington DC-based Good Jobs First, offers attention-getting rankings that put California 29th nationally among states in how well they disclose subsidies. In California, subsidies aren't compiled and easily available online to the public, the standard Good Jobs First is pushing. (Pictured is Genentech, one of many companies to receive subsidies -- local property tax rebates -- for an expansion).

Better disclosure of corporate subsidies -- and another budget line items -- is important at any time, especially in a democracy. But it's particularly important in bad budget times, when resources are limited and cuts must be made. (Hat tip: Sacramento Bee)

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