San Francisco

Amy Klobuchar Hosts Private Fundraising Event in SF

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Minnesota Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar is hosting a private fundraising event in San Francisco’s Mission District Sunday, pushing for votes ahead of Super Tuesday.

Klobuchar’s visit comes after a strong third-place finish in New Hampshire last week in an effort to introduce her candidacy to more voters in Northern California.

Her New Hampshire finish has helped her raise more money for a campaign that’s expanding west and in more diverse states, with Klobuchar campaigning in Nevada and California.

Klobuchar was on Meet the Press speaking from Las Vegas Sunday morning, and she also spoke with Telemundo over the weekend where she was asked about several issues affecting Latino voters.

One of the things Klobuchar said while speaking with Telemundo has been getting some attention – she is one of two Democratic candidates who, when asked, did not know who the sitting president of Mexico is.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador has green-lit controversial asylum policies with President Donald Trump’s administration.

Klobuchar’s campaign is looking for a strong finish in Nevada next weekend, and South Carolina the week after that.

She also celebrated some attention in the Bay Area by tweeting the recent endorsement of the San Jose Mercury News and East Bay Times.

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