Bay Area Voters Make Their Voices Heard Ahead of Election Day

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San Francisco City Hall was bathed in red, white and blue Monday, reminding voters there is still time to make their voice heard.

There was one final push by Democrats to get out the vote, as a loud and proud rally for President Trump was held in the East Bay. Both sides were passionate and driven on the last night before Election Day.

Shannon Weber and her daughter Taft were casting their Democratic Party net across the country, getting out the vote, with time running out. They’ve been volunteering at the phone bank at Manny’s Restaurant since September.

“We were writing a lot of letters to Florida, then we did text banking, we were texting with Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona,” said Weber.

Her Daughter Taft has been calling Californians.

“I’ve been calling for local propositions, Prop 15, I like it because I get a chance to talk to other voters in California,” she said.

Twenty booths on Valencia street are usually reserved for Manny’s diners, but they were the site of Monday night campaign calls, not all of them positive.

“Called a guy yesterday in Michigan who said he’d rather starve himself to death than vote Democrat, so that was interesting,” said Ted McCarthy.

The other side of the coin, was on the other side of the Bay. A Trump rally in Danville Monday evening. People sounding their horns and sounding confident, talking up their candidate.

“I like Trump as you can see by my sign,” said a demonstrator. “And I like freedom.”

Trump supporters believe they’ll be partying again after the votes are tallied Tuesday night.

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