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Demonstrators in Mountain View Cope With Election Stress

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As votes continue to be counted in a battleground states, the anxiety of this ongoing election also continues.

In Mountain View, demonstrators on Wednesday night took to the streets to call for all votes to be counted. But many said that the demonstrating also helps manage their stress.

A few dozen people took over an intersection for a few hours, and got some support from drivers honking their horns.

“Doing stuff like this makes me feel like I’m doing something for it, something positive,” said Tracy Piombo of Mountain View.

Pimbo said the last few days have been rough, but that Wednesday was a little bit of a relief. She’s a Biden supporter, so his improvement in the elections map helped what has been a stressful few days.

“I’m pretty much in terror mode, but I’ve made myself kind of numb so I don’t feel it on a day to day basis,” she said.

Anxiety was a recurring theme at the demonstration.

“My nerves are just completely frazzled,” said Ralph King of Portola Valley.

Psychotherapist Erica Garcia Rangel points out that anxiety has been accumulating for months.

“This has been a very different year compared to others, not only because we are in the middle of a global pandemic,” said Rangel. “We’re also facing natural disaster and political change, all of which lead us to experience collective mourning for the lives we used to have.”

Unfortunately, it may continue for a while longer if Trump’s campaign files lawsuits over some of the results.

So, what’s the best way to manage election 2020 anxiety?

“I recommend practicing self-care by exploring different activities that make us feel good,” Rangel said.

A hike, a run, yoga – anything to give your body and brain a pause from the continued deluge of uncertainty in this election.

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