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Joe Biden Closes in on VP Pick

His announcement will be digital, followed by a biographical video of his pick, then a joint appearance. 

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With just days away from the start of the Democratic National Convention, the clock is ticking for former Vice President Joe Biden to announce his running mate.

His announcement will be digital, followed by a biographical video of his pick, then a joint appearance. 

The campaign says all the major contenders have had in-person interviews, including California Senator, Oakland native and former San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris. 

“She’s a hard one to attack because when she was DA and even attorney general she was reasonably tough when it came to law and order,” said NBC Bay Area’s Political Analyst Larry Gerston. “She’s gonna be a hard one for the Trump administration to pick apart.”

Harris isn’t the only one on the short list. 

Other front runners are former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, senators Tammy Duckworth and Elizabeth Warren and Congresswomen Karen Bass and Rep. Val Demings. Also, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who flew in for a secret meeting a week ago. 

It's a big week for Joe Biden as he's expected to announce his running mate sometime this week. NBC Bay Area’s Political Analyst Larry Gerston talks about the possibility of that being our own California Senator Kamala Haris.

Women's groups are vowing to defend Biden's running mate against sexism. Such as a column comparing the selection process to an episode of "The Bachelor."  

“The discrimination, the stuff that's out there on the internet, the attacks we've seen. So that's what they're doing,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar. “They're anticipating this, and I think it's a good idea.” 

The campaign is also ready to combat racist attacks if Biden chooses a Black woman.

On Monday, a group made up of more than 100 prominent Black men said in an open letter, "The urgency to pick a Black woman has gone from something that should happen to something that has to happen.”

Joining an appeal from Rep. Barbara Lee.

“This is the moment that we need to make sure that the issues around racism, sexism, equality, racial justice and inequality are addressed in a magnificent, deep way,” she said.

The longer Biden waits past his self-imposed deadline, the more infighting among supporters of some of the candidates -- another reason to decide soon.

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